Re: SLS Somos problem

Date: Thu May 14 1998 - 13:35:58 EEST

Somos Problem . . .

The issue is that the roller is bumping the part . . . This is why
DTM recommends .008" layers. This doesn't do much for part
definition in a material that is not real good for definition to
begin with.

So, why is it bumping??

I have not noticed any curl in the parts, so the parts are not
"jumping" up in front of the roller. So, what could it be?? The
roller is hitting the part, not vice versa. The roller has not
changed and the powder is not sticking up out of the bed, so . . .
the powder is sticking to the roller. If you notice, the part starts
fine, but as static or adhesion starts, the build will crap out
because the effective roller diameter has increased and is now
interfering with your part.

Building a base won't work because the part is not curling. Lower
laser power won't work, because the roller is the issue. So, fix
your roller issue, and you've fixed the problem. That's about all
the free advice you'll get from this here yocal.

David Leigh
Harvest Technologies
Rapid Prototyping Services
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