RE: Plastic Spray Coating for Actua Parts

Date: Thu May 14 1998 - 13:55:59 EEST

     Dear Chad, (Brad and Robert too)
     This "Plasti-Dip" spray you put on the Actua parts, What does it do to
     the dimensions? I know these are "Concept models", but I would have
     thought that a build-up on the surface would be unacceptable.
     Or does it soak in? I don't have any experience with Actua parts.
     I have used "Plasti-Dip" for its intended purpose as well as in an
     attempt to produce rubber parts off an SLA master, but I always ended
     up with a noticable thickness and dimensional change.
     Buy the way, it works pretty well if you need to get a rubber like,
     tactile feel on any prototype. I just mask off the area and spray it
     on to the desired thickness with multiple coats. Comes in lots of
     colors too.
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