solid state laser on our 500

From: Bill Shaver (
Date: Thu May 14 1998 - 22:19:11 EEST

 2 weeks after user group we installed a liconix solid state laser on our
sla 500.
As you know 3d systems will not offer this upgrade, so we were very happy to
find that
somebody out there cared about us.
       When we installed the new laser we also choose to change to dupont
resin and
have seen some dramatic increases in build speed and part quality due to
this combination.
There have been a few problems with the laser but we have received great
support in getting
them resolved and were up and running very rapidly.
        I am sure you all got copies of the letter from 3d about third party
stuff but we we are
sure the benefits will far out weight the risks.
        We have been using liconix lasers on our 250 for 4 years and have
had nothing
but great support from that group.
        I would be happy to answer almost any questions you might have so
look me up
in Dearborn.

        Bill Shaver
        Commercial Pattern

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