RE: RP in aerospace

From: Spielman, Roger L (
Date: Fri May 15 1998 - 02:11:11 EEST

        Hello Jungtae:

        Sounds to me like you and Terry both are absolutely correct.

        We have been producing flight rated hardware from our
Sinterstation for almost two years and the process is still in it's
infancy. The benefit to the aerospace community will be
huge...eventually. I believe that the automotive industry is far ahead
of aerospace, primarily due to the fact they are product oriented rather
than material oriented. They are also willing to properly fund a
development project with specific achievements as a goal. In the past,
our metal sls program was extremely well received (funded) by the
automotive industry. Keep in mind that the development cost of a tool
die is distinctly different than the development of a material that will
survive use at 5000 psi in a man-rated rocket engine.

        In the past few months, I have noticed significantly more
interest in RP in the aerospace community. Our designers are having a
great time evolving from past limitations in manufacturing processes. I
would expect to see more involvement from aerospace manufacturers in the

        Right now, the automotive industry needs to have their new
models on the lots on schedule...Full speed ahead!

        Roger Spielman
        Rocketdyne Propulsion & Power
        The Boeing Co.

> Jungtae wrote:
> Therefore, RP in aerospace can reach higher level(or faster) than that
> of automobile."- I think that the object of RP in auto is not the
> production of final goods(componets). But I suppose, it is in
> aerospace.
> Terry's reply is ...RP in automobile is every bit more advanced than
> in aero.

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