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From: Floyd E Roberts (
Date: Fri May 15 1998 - 02:46:33 EEST

As the founder of RP at NASA ( Floyd Roberts) I can assure you that your
assumption is at least partially correct, NASA has consistently been at
the forefront of materials and tolerance research in RP. While the concern
for these advances in the automotive sector is typically luke warm to
tepid. The automotive industry however has always led the charge for
faster and cheaper RP processes with the government enthusiasm for faster
more efficient processes being about what you would expect.....( hey
that's really realllly good coffee, what kind is that....).. I would
recommend that you research the areas of composites and infrastructure
more thoroughly regarding the statements about SLS and CALS I would
however note that the Cost advantages in Astronautic work are fairly
Good luck ........ follow the money .........
Dr Floyd E Roberts III

Jung Hwang wrote:

> Dear List,
> Please help me..
> I am not an expert in RP, just a student in research of the evolution
> of new technology in industries and its implication.
> I got a problem.
> I asked Terry Wohlers about my research assumption.
> "RP is superior to CNC in the small batch production of complex
> figure, and aerospace industry is just the case. Currently, investment
> casting which used frequently in aerospace production is helping
> percolation of RP in the field. In addition, SLS is fit for the
> production of composite material parts. CALS is infrastructure.
> Therefore, RP in aerospace can reach higher level(or faster) than that
> of automobile."- I think that the object of RP in auto is not the
> production of final goods(componets). But I suppose, it is in
> aerospace.
> Terry's reply is ...RP in automobile is every bit more advanced than
> in aero.
> I am so frustrated, I don't know from where I went wrong in the
> assumption. (might be because the internal market for the unit
> production of automobile mould is so large..)
> Even I don't know whether RP in auto is identical with that of aero.
> Please give me an advice so that I can find right direction.
> Jungtae Hwang
> SPRU, Univ. of Sussex, UK
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