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Date: Fri May 15 1998 - 08:59:14 EEST

Hello Alvin:

You can reach Aptek at:

Aptek Laboratories, Inc.
25133 Avenue Tibbitts, Unit A
Valencia, CA 91355
(805) 257-1677
Fax (805) 257-8939
(near 3D Systems Valencia headquarters)

They are selling "SL-Rapid Repair Kits" for $40.00 (w/o tax) for 1 syringe of each product or $60.00 for 2 syringes of each product. Each kit has 3 different types of UV adhesive. The "SL-Lo" and SL-HI" are unfilled urethane acrylate/monomer blends with different viscosities. The "SL-Lo" flows easily and can be used for bonding tight joints together. The "SL-Hi" is thicker and is meant to fill in more if you have slight mismatches in bond joints or small broken edges or holes you want to fill in. The "SL-Tx" product is a silica-filled epoxy acrylate/monomer blend which is thick and is meant for filling in and fixing larger areas.

We use the "SL-Lo" (blue label on syringe) the most for our bonding, it works very well, especially if you put it into the PCA for final cure.

Aptek won't take a PO or set up an account if all you want to do is buy 1 or 2 kits. You'll have to send payment before they'll ship it to you. They would prefer you buy in bulk (of course), a box of 12 syringes of "SL-Lo/SL-Hi" runs $211.25 and a box of "SL-Tx" runs $228 (prices effective 1/98). Shelf life is advertised as 6 months, but I've heard of people having it around for a year with no problem. To help extend it's life you probably could refrigerate it. You may just want to buy the $60.00 kit to try it out first.

Some other items you might want to try are Loctite 3107 UV curable adhesive(place in PCA for ~15 minutes). You might want to check out their web site at:

They list foreign distributors there also. (info per Michelle Wyatt, DuPont, rp-ml posting 3/16/98).

We've also used a product put out by Bondo with some success - they have a UV activated glazing and spot putty. We used this to fill in and fix some parts from a major crash and it worked well. One word of caution: don't use too much because after ~10 minutes in the PCA, it is rock hard and very hard to sand (filing does work though).

Good luck,

Glenn Whiteside
Cessna Aircraft

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