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Date: Fri May 15 1998 - 19:00:56 EEST

Rajeev Garg wrote:
> I am looking for a software to cut the STL files into two or three
> pieces. Is there a demo copy of any easy to use software on the web that
> will do such a job.

The basic core module of DeskArtes Rapid Tools software can cut STL
Specific module is called Rapid Editor and it has the following

Automatic repair of STL files
Selective gap filling
Adding, Deleting, and Copying Facets
Editing STL files
Cutting of STL files
Orientation of normals
Separation of connected components
Separation at parting lines
Visualization of STL & IGES files
Looking inside STL & IGES files
Scaling STL files
Positioning multiple STL files
Dimensioning and Measurement
Volume & Area Computations

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