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 DuPont Introduces New Somos(R) 8120 Epoxy Resin For Functional Prototypes
                             Snap-Fit Applications
                            (PR Newswire; 05/18/98)

WILMINGTON, Del., May 18 /PRNewswire/ The DuPont Company (NYSE: DD) today
announced the availability of Somos(R) 8120, the first member of the new
Somos(R) 8100 series of epoxy resins. Somos(R) 8120, a new
stereolithography resin, has properties similar to the widely used molding
resins, polyethylene and polypropylene, and is excellent for snap-fit and
functional applications.

Created for solid state laser equipment such as 3D Systems' SLA-350, SLA-
3500, SLA-5000, Stereos Max 400, Stereos Max 600, and Aaroflex's Solid
Imager, Somos(R) 8120 retains many of the benefits that characterize DuPont
Somos(R) stereolithography resins, including fast photospeeds and a broad
process latitude.

"Somos(R) 8120 offers speed, build tolerance and part flexibility while
extruding laser life by using less power. Customers are now having parts
prototyped where stereolithography would not have previously met their
needs," stated Michelle Wyatt, technical marketing engineer, DuPont

The new Somos(R) 8120 resin offers stereolithography users the opportunity
to create prototypes that are humidity-and-water resistant. It also has a
high impact resistance and allows users to fabricate parts that were not
practical in rigid epoxy resins. In some cases, it eliminates the need for
an RTV mold and cast urethane prototypes.

Somos(R) 8120 is a transparent amber liquid that, when exposed to
ultraviolet light, produces white, translucent parts that have properties
approaching engineering plastics. Parts made with Somos(R) 8120 have an
entirely different look from the traditional golden appearance of
stereolithography parts.

Somos(R) 8120 matches the superior performance of the DuPont Somos(R) 7100
family of resins for 3D Systems' Quickcast applications. Results for both
autoclave and flash fire foundry applications have been very positive.

DuPont provides the world's widest selection of solid imaging materials,
and is backed by exceptional technical support and a distribution network
that spans the globe. Individually optimized for Ar-ion, HeCd and
solid-state UV laser systems, DuPont Somos(R) resins range from the
industry's first flexible resins to humidity-tolerant, high-accuracy resins
optimized for Quickcast and tooling applications. DuPont also provides
powders for selective laser sintering, such as the flexible elastomer
powder, "Somos" 201, now available from DTM Corporation.

Contact DuPont Somos in the United States at 302-328-5435, visit the web
site at http://www.dupont.com/somos or email, somosdupont.com for further
information. See DuPont Somos(R) at the Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing
Exposition May 20-21 in Dearborn, Michigan at Booth No. 534.

Somos(R) is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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