DTM Announces New Glass-Filled DuraForm(TM) Material

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Date: Wed May 20 1998 - 10:58:06 EEST

              DTM Announces New Glass-Filled DuraForm(TM) Material

                            (PR Newswire; 05/19/98)

AUSTIN, Texas, and HILDEN, Germany, May 19 /PRNewswire/ DTM (Nasdaq: DTMC)
(http//www.dtm-corp.com) today announced a new glass-filled version of its
DuraForm(TM) material. The new material, DuraForm GF, combines the superior
feature definition and surface finish characteristics of DTM's DuraForm PA
(Polyamide) with the added mechanical integrity of a glass-filled material.

"Since its introduction last fall, DuraForm Polyamide has quickly become
DTM's most popular material for functional modeling," said Kevin McAlea,
vice president of marketing for DTM Corporation. "DuraForm GF has been
developed in response to customer requests for a glass-filled version of
DuraForm PA. DTM's glass-filled nylon has been a popular product, and
DuraForm GF provides the next generation of performance in a composite

DuraForm GF is designed for rapid prototyping applications that require
exceptional resolution, fine feature definition, and surface finish
characteristics as well as the added strength and durability of a glass-
filled material. Like DuraForm PA, the new DuraForm GF is both economical
and easy to use as it is more recyclable, requires less nitrogen for
material processing, and processes at a lower temperature than other DTM
Nylon materials.

Primary applications for DuraForm GF include electronic, computer, and
automotive enclosures, and medical device parts. The excellent feature
definition characteristics of this new functional modeling material, on the
order of 0.75mm, are particularly suited for the small and often intricate
features found in electronic connectors and medical instrumentation.

Another key material attribute is the ability to produce functional models
with superior resolution that are perceptively smooth without sanding or
other post finishing procedures. For more demanding surface finish
requirements, DuraForm GF can easily be finished to a high-gloss surface
finish of 0.13um Ra with light sanding.

DTM developed the SLS Selective Laser Sintering Process and manufactures
the Sinterstation family of rapid prototyping systems. These systems are
used to rapidly create functional models, expendable casting patterns, and
direct tooling for prototype manufacturing, and direct manufacturing
processes for a broad range of industrial design and manufacturing

DTM's products are sold, serviced, and supported directly through DTM in
North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. DTM products are also available
through an extensive network of international resellers and distributors

For more information, contact DTM

North America: 1611 Headway Circle, Building 2, Austin, TX 78754;
Phone: 512-339-2922; Fax 512/832-6753
Europe: Otto-Hahn-Strasse 6, 40721, Hilden Germany;
Phone: 49-2103-95770; Fax 49-2103-52265
Asia Pacific: 9 Temasek Boulevard, 31-02 Suntec Tower Two,
Singapore, 038989; Phone 65-434-5770; Fax 65-434-5771 World Wide Web:
DuraForm is a trademark, and SLS and Sinterstation are registered
trademarks, of DTM.

SOURCE DTM Corporation
-0- 05/19/98
/CONTACT: Kristen Melby of DTM Corporation/ /Web site: http://www.dtm-corp.com/

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