RE: DuraForm GF/ProtoForm Composite

From: Miller, Michael W (
Date: Wed May 20 1998 - 19:44:58 EEST

We looked into glass filled Duraform for a tooling project. We found it
to be slightly more stable over time than plain Duraform, stiffer, and a
lot more brittle. We also conclude it to be superior in almost all
respects as compared to Composite Nylon whose strength and finish
degrade seriously with recycling. We decided to go with the plain
duraform mostly because of the brittle issue and excellent
build/accuracy characteristics but also because DTM had not yet fully
tested or marketed a glass filled Duraform at that time. Is it
available now?
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> Subject: DuraForm GF/ProtoForm Composite
> Any users of the new DuraForm GF out there? I'm interested in what it
> has or doesn't have over ProtoForm Composite. I'm a big user of
> ProtoForm and was wondering if it's worth looking at a material
> switch.
> Any insight would be great.
> thanks,
> todd
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