Re: Problem with Buildstation Software 4.1.1. (SLA-500)

From: Brian T Pardo (
Date: Thu May 21 1998 - 01:17:36 EEST

     We had a similar problem...during long builds the layer times would
     get longer and longer until finally the computer completely locked up.
     The answer to this problem was to make sure the entry "busmaster" is
     set to "no" in the NT3.51 Registry --
     also check under "System" in "Control Panel" and make sure there is an
     entry "NEWDRIFT = ON". The busmaster was the only item we had to add,
     and so far it has taken care of the problem.
     Good Luck,
     Brian T. Pardo
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Subject: Problem with Buildstation Software 4.1.1. (SLA-500)
Author: at hubsmtp
Date: 5/19/98 7:39 PM

Dear SLA-500 users,
We have been running Maestro 1.9.1. and Buildstation 4.1.1. on our
SLA500 for a couple of months. While building is fine, we have, for some
parts, made the following observation:
After finishing drawing one layer the machine would wait for a certain
period of time with the message "Waiting for layer end ..." on the
screen before going in the regular predip and recoating phase. This
period may take up to several minutes for certain parts adding
tremendously to the overall build time, since it happens on every layer
! When the build is aborted and restarted the machine builds normally
without this extra delay but it may reappear later again. We have been
unable to trace the problem further but it seems to happen mostly on
large and fairly complex parts.
Has anyone with a similar machine configuration made this observation
and an idea where this is coming from ? And how we (or 3D) can fix the
problem ?
Many thanks in advance for your help
Paul Bernhard

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