Re: New STL user

From: Georg P. Mühle (
Date: Fri May 22 1998 - 12:18:29 EEST

Hi David Alons.

I think you are very sensible to the epoxy resin. Some people are, and the
simptomatology can apear long time after being ini contact with it.

We use SterEOSmax 600. (600*600*450 mmm).
After laser lighting our machine waits 8 seconds, then it lights the part and
then it waits 8 seconds again. Then it starts a new layer. The recoater runs
at 40 mm per second, and only recoats the part to be illuminated.

See you David !

Miquel Angel Garrido
Joanot Martínez-Mora
Lucas Grijander de la Pradera
Pedro Pedro Chu Chú

Spain (Barcelona)

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