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From: Jesper Damvig (
Date: Fri May 22 1998 - 12:37:36 EEST

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From: David Alonso <>
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Date: 22. maj 1998 09:47
Subject: New STL user

Hi David

Your first question is out of my hand, i work with a EOS machine, so
we don´t have the problems you have "tough luck".

Your second question is more serious.

PLEASE wear skin and face protection when you work with
This is a chemmical that is verry dangerous.
If you get allergic to the epoxy you have a problem because then
you´ll never get rid of it again, let me remind you that a normal
coating on a fridge is epoxy paint, think about it every time you
get hungry you can´t get eany food because you get a rash when
you tough the door.
Use disposabel gloves, and maby a fresh air system.

Please also contact Steve Deak from Hasbro (he´s on the list)
He have a lot on safty working with SLA.
I think you need to talk to him verry fast.

Best regards

Jesper Damvig

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