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As far as time, I run 500s, so my info will not be of much help. I
suggest you look into the new resin (SL5195?) that runs with little or
no pre-dip and is humidity resistant. We use the 500 equivalent
(SL5410) and it is great. We run 5 sec. Z wait and 10 sec pre-dip
delay. You may also want to try to run the smart laser parameters at
H=250 if you have not already done so (BuildStation 4.1.1).

Now for the bad news. Regarding skin irritation, once you are
sensitized, you remain so for life. That is why you never, never,
never, never (get the point) allow SL resin or anything contaminated
with resin to touch bare skin. If you have not been wearing gloves and
lab coats (at the least), it has now come back to haunt you. Your only
choices now are to switch jobs or use multi-layers of protection as
outlined by Steve Deak in his video (try as an e-mail
address). The video may be available from an FTP site - maybe someone
here (Steve?) knows of a site. Sorry for the bad news.

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-----Original Message----- > From: David Alonso [] > Sent: Friday, May 22, 1998 3:02 PM > To: > Subject: New STL user > > Hello everybody!! > I work with a new SLA-3500 machine from 3DSYS we have in Centre CIM > (Barcelona. Spain) since last february. First, we had a lot of > problems to > configurate the system correctly but now we can build correct parts > using > 0,1 mm layer thickness. > We are trying to reduce building time and I whould like to send some > questions to other STL users. For example: > > - Which PredipDelay and Zwait are you using in this machine? > - Have you had any problem on your skin? How did you solve it? (we > have > serious problems of irritation

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