RE:SL tooling build style (0.05mm layers)

Date: Fri May 22 1998 - 08:47:14 EEST

     Dear Dan,
     I have worked with this build style for quite a while, It started with
     a need for small, super fine layer parts. Since I am still using an
     SLA250 and the DOS slice and prepare software, I can do this very
     easily. I just slice the object twice, once at .002" inch for borders
     and once at .006" inch layer for hatch and merge them together. You
     get super smooth walls and a fast build.
     I first started using this style about 3 1/2 - 4 years ago with my
     SLA250 and the old "Doctor Blade" recoater. I kept experiencing blade
     contact on .002-.003" layers and this was my solution. I have since
     upgraded to a Zephyr and it works also. Since I still use the Cibatool
     Sl5149 Resin due to my need for water proof parts, I have had to
     improvise with build styles to get good results.
      Just remember, recommended build parameters are like the US Army,
     "It's a great place to start!" You should try new things every now and
     then just to see if there is a better way.
     Anyway, I am very glad to hear that I am not alone out here.
     Larry Blasch
     System Administrator for Engineering Services
     OPW Fueling Components
     P.O. Box 405003 Voice: (513) 870-3356
     Cincinnati, OH 45240-5003 USA Fax: (513) 870-3338
     Disclaimer...The views expressed are personal opinion and not those of
     OPW Fueling Components.
     * "Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else." *

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