SL Lab safety

From: Deak, Steve (
Date: Fri May 22 1998 - 17:55:37 EEST

Anyone interested in Hasbro's RP lab safety manual, please contact me by
e-mail and I'll attach the zipped MS-Word document. This document covers
the areas of skin, eye, and respiratory protection necessary for safe SL
resin handling.

I am a sensitized user and react severely when in contact with SL epoxies.
However, I have learned work and hygiene practices to TOTALLY AVOID contact
with resins while working in the lab.

This is not for sale, but free for the asking. I also have larger files, an
AVI movie for personal protective equipment, and an MS PowerPoint
presentation, but these are too large (even zipped) to mail. And Hasbro
does not have an FTP site.

Anyone willing to furnish 200 Mb of FTP site space, I'll send all this on
CD-ROM so this can be posted and anyone can download this stuff. 3D Systems
is planning to add this to their web site, but I'm not sure of the timing.

Please avoid contact with lab chemicals, SL or otherwise. Once sensitized,
it can't be undone.

Steve Deak e-mail:
Manager-Rapid Prototyping voice: (+1) 513-579-3270
Hasbro, Incorporated fax: (+1) 513-579-3250
615 Elsinore Place
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 USA "Our Business is FUN!"

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