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From: Anshuman Razdan (razdan@taurus.eas.asu.edu)
Date: Mon May 25 1998 - 00:13:31 EEST

An important question to consider is :
If Zcorp has sold 10 machines, how many Genisys and Actua have been sold
in the same time period and who has taken a hit (Genisys or Actua) 'cause of the Zcorp.
Or maybe the market has expanded and nobody has taken a hit. Does anybody have
the numbers ? The latter would be the better scenario.

Thanks !!

One thing I noticed as a result of clutching the Zcorp sample part (chain link)
tightly in my hand thru rest of the exposition (no I was not nervous) was that my
hands were a bit sticky. i presume that was from the material
being starch based (turning into sugar - I have been tempted to do a taste test to
see if the sample is/would turn sweet in the mouth) - so are custom layered cakes
far behind ?

One clever/time tested incentive by the exposition curator (?) at the Dearborn Conference
was to announce prizes to be won via the lottery and the 4 boxes (each for a
 different prize) were scattered around the exposition. I hope it wasnt done to
encourage people to go around the complete exposition. This after each attendee having
paid huge sum to get in (probably equal to the cash value of all 4 prizes). I dont know
who won but if I happen to be one - I am not complaining !!

Anshuman Razdan

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> Dear RP-World,
> Following up on the comments by Karl Denton and Anshuman Razdan, I
> agree that the Z machine was quite impressive. This being the case, does
> anyone have any insights into why they have only sold 10 units, or is
> the number a lot bigger now?
> Best regards,
> Marshall Burns
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