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From: Masuo Namme (
Date: Mon May 25 1998 - 03:02:11 EEST

>Did anyone notice Express Tool?
>>there is even a UV curable silicone rubber
>I guess you are referring to MCP's "Templess" process, which as far as I
>know uses a Japanese silicone that cures under UV light in around 30
>minutes, e.g. much faster than regular or vacuum cast silicone molding. I
>have heard that this process is good for only a few shots, say 5, and is
>very expensive. Can anyone tell us more?

Dear Yakov and all,
I was engaged in developing this system in Japan. You can mold the
parts as much as with the conventional vacuum casting, like 20 pcs.
We recommend to use UV curing urethane so that people can make both mold and
part by UV light.
UV urethane is cured in 10 minutes and UV silicone can be cured in 30
minutes, both are single component and pod life is unlimited.
Both material brings you the easier process and higher accuracy but are
expensive so we recommend to use transparent RTV silicone with using UV
You can contact for more details with
in US.
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                       Director Marketing
                      Shonan Design CoLtd
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