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Date: Mon May 25 1998 - 16:47:32 EEST

I just copied this off their website:

DynamicTooling-Jet Mold is a full service rapid tooling and plastic
injection molding facility. We provide our patented, proprietary Powder
Forging and PolySteel tooling methods. These technologies can produce
injection molds in as little as one to two days.

Dynamic Tooling offers an exciting new technology. This unique process is a
solution for prototype tooling which we call PolySteel. PolySteel
replicates rapid prototype models for producing small to very large,
complex prototype injection molds.

PolySteel molds are 300-400% stronger than aluminum/epoxy or Kirksite and
is significantly harder than aluminum. The superior strength also allows
higher aspect-ratio features to be included, thus reducing or eliminating
the need for separate inserts. The PolySteel molds can be produced with
conformal cooling lines and are ideal for molding glass nylon, acetals,
A.B.S., polycarbonates, etc.

The amount of shrinkage is negligible and the dimensional repeatability is
.0005 inch per inch The PolySteel material can be molded directly over an
RP model, thus allowing mold texture and other features to be included in
the RP model. The finish is an exact mirror image of RP model.

In addition to offering complete molds and plastic parts, DynamicTooling
also offers complete training, equipment and licensing. The process is
extremely fast, simple and safe.


In using the Dynamic Tooling process, we reduced our customer's "design" to
"part-in-hand" leadtime dramatically. This process replicates complex
detail with amazing accuracy. Fast, part detail can be replicated from CAD
files with an assortment of RP modeling processes. Existing mold cores,
cavities and inserts can also be replicated with very good accuracy.
Features such as offset and irregular parting line planes, part gating,
runners, ejector pins, dowels, bolt holes, cooling, etc., can be added to
the process reducing the need for a multitude of machining setups and
operations. On our particular job, we eliminated the need for over 40
electrodes as well as many EDM hours. This substantially lowered cost and
time, allowing our customer more time for testing of parts before hard
tooling is produced. Dynamic Tooling has unbelievable potential for
designers and builders alike. The mind soars with creative applications for
this process.

We found many positive attributes from this new tooling process. For
example, features including high aspect ratios were included in the tool
and did not require separate inserts. Also, we did not see any erosion at
the gate after the tryout was complete.

When starting up the molder, the tool was accidentally crashed. Although
there were signs of damage (the fragile details of the mold were cracked),
the mold went on to successfully run parts under extreme pressures (up to
1,000 psi injection pressure) and high temperatures (up to 575 degrees F.
for glass filled nylon).

The mold successfully ran a total of 250 parts as follows:

* 50pcs. from Polypropylene
* 100pcs. from ABS and
* 100pcs. from 30% glass filled nylon

In summary, the PolySteel tool performed far better than our expectations.

I've explored many rapid tooling options over the recent past and can
confidently say that this is one of the most impressive developments I've
seen. I received a poly-steel core insert recently from Dynamic Tooling
and it's sharp and clean (zero hand work) and has the weight of solid
steel. There's no significant difference between the dimensions of the
pattern and the mold. It's that accurate. Dynamic
Tooling quotes an accuracy of +/- 0.025 to 0.050 mm per 25 mm, which
includes error in the RP pattern. Repeatability is +/- 0.013 mm, which is
very good. What's more, it's 300-400% stronger than aluminum-filled epoxy
molds and injection mold cycle times are about the same as machined steel
molds, according to Dynamic Tooling. They got 18,000 molded parts from one
tool. I'm trying to find something wrong with this process, but I can't.
It's simple, fast (1-2 days for small parts), and should not cost a fortune
to get started.

Dynamic Tooling - Jet Mold
4617 N. Blythe,
Fresno, CA 93722

Phone: (209) 438-9446
Fax: (209) 261-0302

Yakov Horenstein
Milano, Italy

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