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Date: Tue May 26 1998 - 16:57:48 EEST

Kudos Elaine !!!!!! :)

At 08:51 AM 5/26/98 -0400, Elaine Hunt wrote:
>At 11:49 PM 5/25/98 -0500, "markschanze" <> wrote:
>>I would like to see a week of this mail list without hearing from Elaine
>I believe that we just celebrated the MOST important holiday here in the US
>and that was Memorial Day. While Mark probably did not fully appreciate
>it's meaning I certainly did. We celebrated all the 1000s who have died in
>the defense of this great nation and for the freedoms we enjoy because of
>their great gift. One of those freedoms is that of FREE SPEECH (free to all
>even women).
>I have slowly watched this list become a soured by a few who find pleasure
>in making hurtful comments to people who make postings. Yesterday I was
>teasing about Michael about his paper since these proceeding will continue
>for many years to come and someone else will pick it up to use as a
>reference and find no paper. How sad that they will not know how to
>contact Michael or get a copy of that and other missing papers.
>Mark's initial message really rocked my boat which was his intent. But it
>made me realize that to submit to such 'provoking and disturbing' messages
>just comes down to being controlled by narrowminded individualism. I
>refuse to play that game EVER again.
>So in the true spirit of AMERICA.... If you do not wish to read a message
>from me... go stuff it, or rather delete it, then get over it and get a life.
>Free at last,
>Opinions, suggestions, and other controversial matter VOID where prohibited.
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