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From: Deak, Steve (
Date: Tue May 26 1998 - 18:38:36 EEST

I am pleased to know so many people are interested in SL resin handling and
overall chemical safety. I have had nearly 50 requests for our safety
manual and am happy to report I have attempted to respond to all by e-mail
attachment. Some e-mail servers have rejected my reply due to the size of
the zipped attachment.

I have been contacted by Clemson University (Elaine Hunt) and Georgia
Institute of Technology (Reggie Ponder) regarding FTP site space and will be
sending the manual (MS Word) along with an MS PowerPoint presentation and an
AVI-format video on personal protective equipment. These may be downloaded
once loaded in these ftp sites.

For those who have asked and have not received a reply, please look for
another posting from both Clemson and Georgia Tech concerning the FTP sites
for lab safety. I am sending CD's to both Universities today for their FTP

For those who know me, I like to have fun, but lab safety is a serious
matter. As the poster child for resin safety, I have been dealing with
chemical sensitization by epoxy SL Resin since late 1992. Yet, I have found
ways to co-exist with the resins and still work in the lab, handling uncured
SL parts. Please give this issue serious consideration and take to heart
the practices of chemical safety, because any chemical can cause
sensitization. The offer still stands for those who want me to mail the MS
word (zipped) document, otherwise, look for more postings concerning the
locations of the ftp sites.

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