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Date: Tue May 26 1998 - 20:49:59 EEST

>Elaine's moralizing and her detractors epithets are out of place here. The

I believe the list missed the entire point I was making due to the personal
attack on me. Any speaker who sets forth new ideas is a pioneer as well as
a leader thus should try to see that their ideas are part of the public
domain if at all possible. My bookcase here is filled with reference
materials beginning in 1988 until now with every piece of RP&M material I
can find. It is provided as a resource to all who asks for information
regardless of status. Published information is VERY important!!! Book,
chapter, and verse.

Michael's and others papers are missing from the bound set of proceedings.
Are they placed somewhere so students from around the world can locate
them? Can anyone reach the authors so they can be supplied or should they
contact SME/RPA for the missing information. How many times do we see
requests on this listing for such details? More than necessary.

Yes everyone is busy but if you plan to speak or write, get it into the
publication just to make sure that the newer additions to the growing RP&M
group can be educated to the past or we will be forever re-inventing the

>From all the pithy comments, I see everyone had a real nice holiday and
came back to work (in or full) of fine spirits.

Opinions, suggestions, and other controversial matter VOID where prohibited.
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