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From: Doug Mitchell (
Date: Tue May 26 1998 - 21:35:38 EEST

Robert Hoffman wrote:
> ... Mark's message was pretty crude but a week really does
> not seem to be a very long time.
> Robert
> P.S. Mark's free speech is a valid as Elaine's.
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This one brings me out of hiding.

When Mark wrote his missive this morning, my first thought was
what would it be like for Elaine not to post for a week. For
that matter, what if Yakov didn't post, nor some of the other
regular posters? As far as I am concerned, this list would be
pretty boring. Some of the postings may very well be off (some
would say _way_ off) topic, but most of them are real thought

While you are correct about Mark's free speech being as valid
as Elaine's, you also don't have to read them.

Doug Mitchell
Ford Motor Company

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