RE - Elaines free speech - off topic

From: Stahlhut, Todd A. (
Date: Tue May 26 1998 - 22:18:00 EEST

After checking over the RPML Archives, I have discovered the following

Elaine has posted 67 messages through the may time frame.

During 1998 there were 5 times that she was silent for more than one
week as follows:

        1/7/98 to 1/19/98
        2/10/98 to 2/20/98
        2/20/98 to 3/6/98
        3/16/98 to 3/25/98
        5/8/98 to 5/21/98

So in fact you can see that this is a fairly regular occurrence. I did
not check other years or verify if Yakov violates this new posting rule
- I do have a job to do !!!

Keep up the good work Elaine.....

Couldn't resist, Todd Stahlhut

P.S. ON topic - thanks to all that posted info about the recent SME
conference - it allowed those of us that cannot travel to keep current.
Thanks again.

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