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From: Hannu Kaikonen (Hannu.Kaikonen@ltk.hut.fi)
Date: Wed May 27 1998 - 07:49:25 EEST

Hello to you all

Over the past few days we've had some 'off topic' conversation. There's
nothing bad with that s long as it doesn't take too much time and the
interaction doesn't get too personal. Well folks, unfortunately some of the
messages sent were rather rude and I think that we've had enough of that.

This list is not moderated and that is one of the things that makes this
list what it is - a place to have a chat with fellow professionals around
the world. The intention is to exchange information on RP, but I don't care
if you change Some thoughts 'off topic' as well, it just makes this list
more interesting to read, and gives us an idea of how the world is doing at
the moment. Moderation is something I for sure do not want to start doing,
so let's be polite to each other and try to get back to bussiness - i.e. RP
and the world around it.

So for now on if you want to continue the 'free speach' discussion and (or)
want to flame me or someone else, please don't use the list to do that (and
if you want to flame me, your list admin - well I'd reconsider that if I
were you :) ).

Have a Happy Day and get a Simle on your face for a change ;)


Hannu Kaikonen
'owner rp-ml'
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