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From: Kai Uwe Koch (
Date: Wed May 27 1998 - 09:03:54 EEST

Hi Yannick,

I can only provide you with a product description of LOMComposite.
Snip(Infos from Helisys data sheet)
The base material is a layer of nonwoven, randomly-oriented glass fibers
with two special coatings. The lower surface is finished with a
thermosetting epoxy, while a thin cover of a proprietary acrylic is
applied onto the upper surface.

Material Strengh: nine times stronger than LOMPaper
Operating temperature: maximum 2000F statically and 5000F dynamically
moisture resistance: less than 0.4% Z growth under 90% humidity withour

Sample Applications: Plaster casting patterns, green sand casting
patterns, Thermoforming molds, Underwater test parts, Form, fit and
functional tests, Prototype injection molding.

Please remember I give this information as it is!!! Hope this helps.


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