Quickslice 5.0 on Digital Alphastation 500

From: Victor.Kronestedt@ecs.ericsson.se
Date: Wed May 27 1998 - 12:14:05 EEST

Has anyone successfully installed Quickslice 5.0 for Windows NT 4.0 on a
Digital Alpha 500 workstation?

I`ve tried to install Qs 5.0 on my ALPHA 500 by using Digital FX!32. The
installation seems OK, but Quickslice
fails when I open a STL-fil. According to Stratasys, Quickslice runs
only on Intel processors. But since I`m using several
programs like MS Office97 on my computer today, which are written for
Intel processor, it should work.

> Victor Kronestedt
> Ericsson Mobile Communications AB
> Torshamnsgatan 39, Kista
> S-164 80 Stockholm
> Sweden

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