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Date: Wed May 27 1998 - 18:13:39 EEST

To all RP'rs:
So far, the recent conversation has been about sensitization to the EPOXY
photopolymers used in the SLA process. I cannot help but think that there are
others out there that go to the next step, as we do all the time, of casting
urethane (and epoxy) parts and tools from SLA parts.
I, as others, am sensitized to epoxies (and many other chemicals), but was first
sensitized to urethanes. Now I cannot be around most epoxies.
I am constantly amazed by the lack of education by manufacturers, employers and
industry and the number of people who are unwittingly exposed to materials
without warning or education. MSDS laws were supposed to help this situation.
When I started my business fifteen years ago I asked a person at OSHA what
precautions I needed to take regarding urethanes. He said I only needed to have
air not be stagnant in the work area and that it would take a truck load of
urethane before I needed to take extra measures. WRONG!! Perhaps some of you
recall the Bopal, India disaster involving isocyanates.
I have done some research on the subject of working with isocyanate laced
materials and have had industrial hygenists in our shop. We have a ventilation
system in our molding area that removes fumes and does not recycle them. This
is very critical.

I published an article in the APMM (Association of Professional Model Makers)
newsletter a year or so ago about dealing with materials containing ISOCYANATES
and would be happy to share it with any interested parties, by e-mail. Most of
it will apply to epoxies, too.
Not everyone has to learn the hard way.

PS: We use service bureaus for various types of RP parts, but do not have
in-house capability (please don't inundate me with pitches for RP services). We
just "rapid machine". I enjoy most all the comments on the RP list. I find
them very educational and recognize there are a lot of active minds out there in
this industry. I wished the model maker's list was as active. Perhaps you have
more free time on your hands while the machines run?

Thanks, Glyn Churchman, President, Prototech, Inc, Lewisville, TX (Dallas)

Deak, Steve wrote:

> Anyone interested in Hasbro's RP lab safety manual, please contact me by
> e-mail and I'll attach the zipped MS-Word document. This document covers
> the areas of skin, eye, and respiratory protection necessary for safe SL
> resin handling.
> I am a sensitized user and react severely when in contact with SL epoxies.
> However, I have learned work and hygiene practices to TOTALLY AVOID contact
> with resins while working in the lab.
> This is not for sale, but free for the asking. I also have larger files, an
> AVI movie for personal protective equipment, and an MS PowerPoint
> presentation, but these are too large (even zipped) to mail. And Hasbro
> does not have an FTP site.
> Anyone willing to furnish 200 Mb of FTP site space, I'll send all this on
> CD-ROM so this can be posted and anyone can download this stuff. 3D Systems
> is planning to add this to their web site, but I'm not sure of the timing.
> Please avoid contact with lab chemicals, SL or otherwise. Once sensitized,
> it can't be undone.
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