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Date: Wed May 27 1998 - 18:37:37 EEST

Glyn & List:

I agree, chemical sensitization is not limited to SL epoxies alone.
Practically every Free Form Fabrication technique involves sealers, solvents
and adhesives from time to time. These materials are NOT inert and need to
be handled carefully. At Hasbro, we have model makers sensitized to
urethanes and RTV rubbers! Talk about a career changing events!

If you haven't had a problem with chemical sensitization, I envy you.
However, casual contact with chemicals and fumes over a long period of time
will likely result in sensitization at some point. How do we impress on
those who don't have a problem to be careful?

There are 3 things needed to work safely; AWARENESS of potential problems,
DESIRE to act responsibly and follow procedures, and FOLLOW-UP to assure
your methods are working. You can have high volume production and safe
working conditions....we do it everyday.

Thanks, Glyn, for offering to share your experiences so others don't have to
learn as you have, the hard way. I'd like to review any documentation you
may have and perhaps roll your experiences into Hasbro's procedures.

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