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Date: Wed May 27 1998 - 21:31:33 EEST

Karl R. Denton wrote:
> Helisys displayed several materials and they even had a several gallon fish
> tank with a propeller made of their plastic material spinning in it. There
> was also a sculpture that Mr. Rees did and although I don't get it, my hats
> of to you Mr. Rees! I hope that Helisys is over they woe's as it would be
> sad to lose this technology. Now that there are more materials being
> introduced I hope that it will help solidify the standing that they have
> acquired.

Thanks Karl for the plug. BTW, my sculpture isn't that difficult to
understand--think Dr. Seuss.To help you out a little here's a text from
an art critique, Dominique Nahas, talking about just that piece.

In Ajna Spine 13 for example (this is the sculpture on display in
Helisys's booth), we see that Rees evinces almost limitless capacities
for modeling, montage and seriality through an emphasis on the fragment
that was pioneered by Rodin's study of the body moving through space.
Rees does this while simultaneously attending to his own concerns to
make manifest the contours of the ecstatic body. He places the organs of
hearing on either end of the spine while lacing sets of floret-like
forms along its length. The spine is then bracketed at the left and
right by the shapes of human ears. The flowering bud motif creates a
systematized visual articulation of membrane-organs that are poised to
send or receive psychic and auditory energy. The computer's capacity to
reproduce the three principles of rhythm (rotation, reflection, and
translation) is used by the artist to generate an interlacing of forms
and patterns that create a weaving, plaiting, and knotting movement.

> DTM was of course there and I must admit that I did not get a chance to get
> close to the machine nor speak to one of the MANY persons they had manning
> the booth. I have however been keeping an open dialog with one of our local
> SB's ( Conceptual Reality LLC) and Drew tells me that he loves the two
> machines that he has.

I like the DTM process a lot and was quite intriqued with this new
copper material that they introduced. If I'm correct, its 30% copper.
I'm not sure what this will do for the engineering community but for
sculpture its fantastic. Imagine all of the strange patinas that can be
used to "color" the surface.


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