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Date: Thu May 28 1998 - 02:54:09 EEST


How do you determine the size of the market if you don't know how large the
market is or what the market is for that matter?

Vern Carter

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From: Jason Lichon
Date: Wednesday, May 27, 1998 4:34 PM
Subject: Re: To many SB's


Are you sure that you quoted Terry Wohlers correctly? In my recollection he
did say something about there being too many service bureaus, but he didn't
mention anything about actively trying to decrease or +ACI-limit+ACI- their number
on purpose. I believe that he was trying to suggest that there were
currently more service bureaus than the market could presently support. If
there is any limiting to be done it will be accomplished via the market (is
there any other way?), and it will have nothing to do with whether we feel
it is +ACI-good+ACI- or +ACI-bad+ACI- to have many or few SB's.
     As for Terry's prognostication that increased competition is going to
drive some SB's from the market, I won't pretend to have an informed opinion
on that idea.

Jason Lichon
Yazaki North America

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