Patent issues not stricken

From: Floyd E Roberts (
Date: Thu May 28 1998 - 18:06:37 EEST

Folks, Thanks for the update, I visited the web site to examine the
legislation and found the following provision still in place............

 IN GENERAL- A person shall not be liable as an infringer under section
271 of this title, nor
          shall the United States be held liable under section 1498(a)
of title 28, with respect to any
          subject matter that would otherwise infringe one or more
claims in the patent being asserted
          against such person, if such person had, acting in good faith,
commercially used the subject
          matter before the effective filing date of such patent.

......Make of it what you will but.......Floyd Roberts Patent agent
#32935, SBIR manager for NASA RP, thinks that this indeed will encourage
the unlisencsed unathorized use and sale (in good faith of course) of an
invention in the "18months" (probably longer - at least 2 years)
preceeding the patents publication. During this time no recompense need
be given to the technology inventor.......AND infact it proves a very
good (inexpensive) vehicle to design around a patent so that it is not
worth much upon its publication.......
again thanks for the references.....
Floyd Roberts

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