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Date: Thu May 28 1998 - 19:09:07 EEST

#bacx2 wrote:

> I doubt that the proliferation of new RP technologies will slow this
> process; in fact it may acellerate it. Small SBs in financial difficulty
> are not the ones who will be buying new equipment, no matter how much
> more efficient it is.
> Barring huge increases in demand that outweigh the price reductions, the
> consolidation of the SB field will continue. The little or innefficient
> firms will be unable to obtain the economies of scale or weather the
> periods of red ink, and they will cease to exist. All this proves is
> Bruce Christie

    I disagree. Yes, consolidation and failures will continue. But new
start-up fab shops will come on board faster than they disappear through
mergers and failures. As someone mentioned in an earlier post, the fabricator
shops (or "service bureaus"; I find it useful for the term to specify what
service they are offering) are the 3-D version of Kinko's. Kinko's has some
700 shops out of a field of thousands or tens of thousands that include
little mom-and-pop operations.

Marshall Burns

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