From: Pam Gersbeck (
Date: Thu May 28 1998 - 23:02:08 EEST

Yes, ExpressTool, Inc. was most definitely present at the recent SME PR&M
conference and exposition in Dearborn, MI. Tom McDonald, President of
ExpressTool, presented a paper on Wednesday, May, 20, entitled "Attributes
of Conformal Cooling in the ExpressTool Process." This paper can be found
on pages 539-554 of the conference proceedings.

On Thursday, Dr. Paul Jacobs, ExpressTool Vice President of Technology,
also presented a paper entitled "The Effects of Shrinkage Variation on
Rapid Tooling Accuracy", which can be found on pages 329-345 of the
conference proceedings.

Finally, although the ExpressTool booth was modest, interest was
"exceptionally high". Representatives of numerous companies asked many
detailed questions and over 20 companies indicated their intent to request
a quote on a production ExpressTool. The overwhelming response was: "If
ExpressTool can deliver quality production tools at a competitive price,
and provide a 15% to 30% reduction in injection molding cycle time - we
need to prove this to our company".

If you were not present at the conference, and would like copies of these
papers, please call ExpressTool at (401) 737-7900.

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