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Date: Fri May 29 1998 - 12:01:41 EEST

hi list,

this is your friendly neighbourhood SurfacerMan, joseph sim.

well i was not giving my comments for this few weeks...because we at IST
have found a process to convert a STL file into Surfaces!!!!!!!!

this process is feasible using the Surfacer Software from Imageware to
create the surfaces. these surfaces are like the polygons found in the STL
but much better as there can be more that one surface created to blend onto
the shape of the STL. Surfacer already has a Rapid Prototyping Module which
can repair a STL file into a water-tight entity...hence we can create too
the surfaces that are also water-tight and hence a solid when imported to
some high-end CADs.

can you see the benefits of this process :-

1) having a STL of a skull or vertebrae created from the Materialise
MIMICS/CTM can now create and import the surfaces of these
very difficult structures into FEA packages like FEMAP, CAD like SolidWorks
for turning it into a solid entity.

2) architectural models such as caves-type and cathederals or
hand-sculptered are no longer a problem. imagine an architectural building
with 200 columns...and you are going to use cylindrical surfaces for
them.....or will you prefer to use our new Surfacer function while you take
a coffee break......but most important while the surfaces are created you
can channel your effort into other important things on the same time.

3) to create STL of very complex objects in Surfacer is not difficult at
all....we have created a goldfish in less than half an hour due to
processing time of the CPU...two words...faster CPU...shorter process

4) no more "i cannot easily create the surfaces of a bone, monster,
objects with internal housings, bosses etc." because if the STL of the
object can be created....then our Surfacer latest function can create its
surfaces. and we must not forget...most digitisers in the market
now.....can output STL for RP.......good STL files for some systems.....and
now if you imagine they can couple with our function.

5) the process time varies for different STL size but only two steps are
required....which means it really helps the end-users.

for those who are interested in Singapore and Malaysia, please please feel
free to contact us anytime. come down to our office with your STL file or
even a physical object and we will show you our new capabilities.

joseph sim

SurfacerMan will return in "Blow up a surface - Extrude Mickey Mouse face
from a surface"

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