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Karl R. Denton and Steve Hildebrandt
team up to form Advanced Technology Consultants LLC

Commerce Township, Michigan,-- Advanced Technology Consultants L.L.C. a
consulting firm that specializes in both Rapid Manufacturing and Internet
Commerce Solutions began operation in May. The company founders Karl R.
Denton - President and Steve Hildebrandt - Vice President have well over 20
years of Rapid Manufacturing experience between them. The company is based
in Commerce Township, MI and has a sales office in Hudsonville, MI.

Advanced Technology Consultants L.L.C. started operations in May just in
time for SME's Rapid Prototyping conference which was held in Dearborn, MI.
The company's primary focus will be the technical education of its clients
with regard to Rapid Prototyping or Rapid Manufacturing. "We feel that we
are in a unique position in that between us we have been trained in all but
a few of the newer technologies. And this gives us the ability to help
clients really understand what they need, how to get it and how to make it
work after it's installed" said Karl R. Denton

In addition Advanced Technology Consultants LLC is securing the rights to
represent several key technologies that cover software, hardware and
processes. "We believe that obtaining the rights to represent several of
what we call key technologies will help move us as well as the
manufacturer(s) well into the 21 century" Denton continued. The specifics
on each of the companies that Advanced Technology Consultants LLC is in
negations with were not available at the time this release was prepared. As
the desired technologies are brought online further press announcements will
be distributed.

Advanced Technology Consultants LLC will take over all current and past
rights to software and data obtained or created by Karl Denton while he ran
Denton and Company, Inc. Except for the remaining RP Demos and Utilities
CD-ROMs the data from the RP & M Resource Guide will be used solely
"in-house" and has not been slated for re-release. Advanced Technology
Consultants has developed several other software/book titles that will also
be used "in-house" but are in the process of being readied for distribution.
These include an RP-ART CD-ROM, an expanded version of the document that
Steve Deak of Hasbro Toy Company constructed, a safety procedures manual
that now includes procedures for all of the RP technologies as well as
secondary processes complete with illustrations and lastly the 1998 Advances
in Rapid Manufacturing Processes report. Which is a complete up to date
guide to the currently available rapid manufacturing processes.

"We are extremely excited about the possibilities with this new venture"
says Steve Hildebrandt "We have been talking about doing this for some time
and things seemed to be right for this to happen now" he continued.

Karl R. Denton, a long standing expert in the field of Rapid Manufacturing
Technologies that include rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and
investment/sand casting has published numerous papers on rapid prototyping
and tooling including a chapter in SME's StereoLithography and other RP&M
Technologies book. Web design and the Internet had been used by Karl R.
Denton to help in the advancement of Rapid Manufacturing since 1994 and as
such he is now looked on as an expert in that field as well.

Steve Hildebrandt graduated from Michigan Tech with a Bachelors Degree in
Mechanical Engineering and has been and Advanced Technology Engineer with
Prince Corporation for over 12 years and has also contributed to the Rapid
Manufacturing industry. Steve's first involvement with rapid prototyping
was in 1988 when the first unit was shipped to Baxter Health Care. Steve
has also given many talks and educational seminars on rapid prototyping and

Karl R. Denton
Advanced Technology Consultants LLC
4778 Greenview Court
Commerce Township, MI 48382
Phone: 248-363-1478
Fax: 248-363-7488
Temporary Web site: www.dentonco.com

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