A survey about teaching RPM for college students

From: Jack Feng (cjf7@psu.edu)
Date: Fri May 29 1998 - 16:43:50 EEST

Hi, Friends and Colleagues,

In the past, I spent about 11-12 hours in teaching the undergraduate
students the rapid ptototyping and rapid tooling process in two of my
manufacturing courses. This is based opon their existing knowledge of CAD,
various manufacturing materials and processes. While planning to teach a
whole course on rapid prototyping, tooling and manufacturing, I am asking
you for your generous help and input on how you teach/taught the RPM course
in your institution or for another institution if you are not a full time
college faculty. If you care not to make the mailing list too busy, you
could choose to reply to me individually. In return, I promise you that
your input will be reflected in my survey report to the list so as to share
with the RP community represented by this list.

Typical questions are as follows.

1. Text book(s) and instructor
2. Number of hours of the course and the allocation of your hours (such as
in solid modeling, materials, RP building process, tooling process and
applications including sand casting, injection molding, investment casting,
3. The course format (lectures, labs, discussions, projects, seminars,
distance education through internet, condensed TV or Pictel, ...)
4. The audience (junior, senior, graduate, ...)
5. The program (mechanical engineering/engineering technology, industrial
or manufacturing engineering/engineering technology, materials
science/engineering, ...)
6. Is this a required course or elective? Average class sizes
7. Do you have any machines? What are they? The number of hours spent with
the machine for experiments, projects, lab demonstration.
8. Do you use any of the close service bureau or industry for field trip or
9. Your experiences and/or lessons.
10. What do you want to bring to the attention to any other new instructors
who are planning to offer a similar course?
11. Any other related topics

Your cooperation is kindly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention.

Jack Feng

Chang-Xue (Jack) Feng, PhD
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