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From: Mark Bannister (
Date: Fri May 29 1998 - 19:46:36 EEST

Since we are in the future now I will share where I think the far future of RP may
take us.
Around the time I first learned of RP I had extra time and dabble with fiction.
I wrote a story in which a robotic rp machine "spit" materials (see I really
invented the rp printer :) ) to remodel a house. Walls, furniture, wiring,
ductwork, statuary, everything.
Consider, you could remodel daily or for the big party tonight. Incorportate
lighting (perhaps chambers for neon), and wiring (see I also invented metal rp :)
), decorative features-did you every want corinthian columns or friezes? How
about a fountain in the living room; nice wet bar for when the boss comes over; a
kitchen with multiple modes or styles (big dinner party preparation vs. just the
family)? There are multiple directions this could go.
Just my thoughts.
Mark Bannister

> Marshall and others,
> Hope you don't mind if I change the "subject" a bit [just getting tired of
> that "to/too thing"] and add a few points to your excellent posting. Nothing
> to diminish your main points about the expanding potential of the 3D world.
> Seems to me that we're approaching a sort of "divergence" of 3D fabrication
> futures. This is because there is SO much potential in the almost untapped 3D
> computer output world - not because of the "RP slowdown" feared by a few.
> The two main directions look like:


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