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You did indeed see a model of the shuttle rising up out of a vat of resin on
a SLA250 machine on this commercial. There is also a short clip of a slice
computer image later on. Discovery Channel shot some footage at Marshall
Space Flight Center a few months ago for this program. Although I am not
sure what will be shown, they filmed some time lapse of the SLA and FDM
building process, some clips of LOM, and some narratives from a couple of
the people who work in the Rapid Prototyping Lab here at MSFC. For more
information on rapid prototyping at NASA/MSFC see our web page at:

David T. Hoppe

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        I saw a commercial on TV last night for a program on the
        Discovery Channel that is scheduled for this weekend. The
        program is called Rocketships, and the commercial showed
        what appeared to be a model of the space shuttle rising
        out of a vat of liquid. It appeared to be a SLA, although
        you only saw it for a split second.

        Those of you that have cable/satellite capability and can
        receive the Discovery Channel, the program is scheduled for
        Sunday night at 8:00 pm and midnight edt. You can point your
        browser to:
        to see more information.

        Doug Mitchell
        Ford Motor Company

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