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Date: Fri May 29 1998 - 19:45:51 EEST

This site lists about 15 different CAD translators that Armonicos produces,
but does not say anything about a new format to replace STL. But then again,
I was only looking at the English page. Can someone tell the rest of us if
there is anything more interesting on the Japanese page? Thanks.


Masuo Namme wrote:

> >We are looking for some information about a file format for Rapid
> >Prototyping more efficient that the STL (without redundancy information
> >which can contain topological information). Is there today a STL format
> >evolution which is really used ? (VRML ?, RPI?, STEP ?)
> Hi,
> I think one of the most impressive progress in the STL itself which has the
> potentiality for replacing STL is seen in the RP-CAD software of Armonicos,
> Japan.
> Their homepage is available at .
> Thanks
> Masuo Namme
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