Centralized RP (Formerly: To many SB's)

From: Harvest Technologies (harvest@ns.vvm.com)
Date: Fri May 29 1998 - 23:47:17 EEST

> > more likely to be comfortable with the "You email me a file - I'll FedEx
> > you a part" style of the fabricator shops. This lends itself to
> > centralization to save cost on facilities.
> Nope. FedEx is great when cost requires the centralization you refer
> to,
> as it does today. But tomorrow's fab shop customers will much prefer to go
> down the street and sit and wait for the model to be done, which will take
> an hour or less, instead of waiting overnight for FedEx.

If everyone was so interested in "going down the street," then why has QVC
and internet shopping done so well? I would say it is more INconvenient for me
to miss a movie in order to pick up a package than just waiting until I get to the
office in the morning. I don't need to use my prototypes in the evening. And, I
don't see prototyping happening in an hour when I have to wait at least a day to
get 50 color post cards at the local Kinkos.

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