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From: Rich Leyden (
Date: Sun May 31 1998 - 03:33:47 EEST

There are two freeware programs which may help you. One is STL_Util which
reads and writes stl, dxf, and obj, writen by B.Michel in VB (although the
source code is not distributed). The other is Xroads by Keith Rule
( which reads and writes a
number of formats including VRML , dxf , and obj (but not STL). I've used
these two programs together in a two step process to go from VRML to STL.
Perhaps you could contact one or both of these authors and work something out.

Rich Leyden

Gary Beene wrote:

> I have a freeware program called WinPlace to which I want to add STL export
> capability. I've been looking around the web and have found several
> stand-alone programs which read STL, but so far I'm not finding anything
> that I can embed in my program. WinPlace is written in VB, so either
> source code, a DLL, or an OCX would be preferable.
> I can export VRML (1&2), so converting directly from my data base to STL,
> or else creating VRML and then converting it is acceptable.
> Do anyone have any good suggestions on how to get to the STL export?
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