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hi list,

with regards to Mr Ryu's questions :-

1) Is it impossible to surface generation from STL Without RP module ??
yes, this function is created without the RPM.

2) the result surface need fairing (surface smoothing) ??
        (I think the result surface isn't smooth..)
the resultant surfaces are the same as the STL polygons...imagine every
STL's polygons now become surfaces. the main idea of this module is to
allow the export of very complex shape ito software like SolidWorks,
MicroStation Modeler and other CAD easily. surface smoothing in Surfacer is
still feasible although now we have many surfaces to smooth.

with regards to Mr Knorr's questions :-
- Is this function a add-on to surfacer or is it included in the regulear
Surfacer 8.0 version?
no, i created this function in Version 7.1 but it really doesn't matter
which version...the SCOLLS can also be exported to Version 8.

- Do I have the possibility to set deviation-thresholds or anything like
the conversion of STL to surface?
the function uses the Surface Wizard which has a fractional ratio for
fitting the surface created onto the point cloud. hence, you should see the
Surface Wizard's setting for the surface creation. i am working on another
version using other surface creation functions for those who has no Surface

- Given an STL-File with say 1 Million Triangles, how many surfaces will be
created (just about, 10, 1000 or 100.000)?
1 million...same as the total number of polygons in the STL entity.
but remembering that Surfacer has a function for reducing STL polygonal
sizes....that should be apply first to reduce the polygonal size and then
our function to create the surfaces automatically.

joseph sim

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