From: MR ALBIN A HASTBACKA (KHVD07A@prodigy.com)
Date: Mon Jun 01 1998 - 13:31:22 EEST

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NO, this is not about rodents.

The subject is Mesoscopic Integrated Conformal Electronics (MICE). This
is a DARPA program to demonstrate the rapid prototyping and
manufacturing of miniaturized and rugged mesoscopic electronics on any
surface through the 3-dimensional integration of passive components.
The solicitation seeks proposals for the development of direct-write

Sanders is planning to propose on this solicitation using our ink-jet
technology as the base technnology. We are interested in discussing
possible bidding arrangements with universities and companies who have
expertise in the following areas:

Device optimization and evaluation, material synthesis
(powders/particles), etc.

Please reply to this email, if you believe that your organization has
something to offer on this program.

For more information on the program, go to http://www.darpa.

Al Hastbacka

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