RE: Artificial ice shapes using SLA

From: Miller, Michael W (
Date: Mon Jun 01 1998 - 20:04:31 EEST

We've made both model scale and full scale ice shapes from SLA. The
model scale pieces get used once because they are destroyed during the
removal. We usually tried to orient them in the build with the wing LE
(mating surface) up so that the mating surface was smoother while the
actual ice shape was rougher due to supports and bacon bottom effects.
The aero guys really liked the rough finish. As far as I know the full
scale ice was utilized for flight test with a little help from some glue
and speed tape. I know we didn't do the whole wing span...10 feet or so
is what I remember.
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> Subject: Artificial ice shapes using SLA
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> Dear rp-ml:
> Does anybody know how I can get in touch with Mark Skeehan from
> Lockheed Martin, Marietta, GA?  He was the author of the award-winning
> presentation at the March 2, 1998 SLA Users Group Meeting entitled
> "Artificial Ice Shapes for FAA Certification of the C130J Aircraft."  
> Anybody else out there try stereolithography for artificial ice shapes
> for testing and certification of aircraft?
> Thanks,
> Glenn Whiteside
> Cessna Aircraft
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