Re: Retuning Solid State Laser on SLA-3500's and 5000's

Date: Tue Jun 02 1998 - 19:25:45 EEST

I thought that the Solid State Laser does not loose power over time
like the gas lasers?

Jim Harrison
3Dimensional Engineering

On Mon, 1 Jun 1998 20:54:19 -0500 "Monica & Glenn Whiteside"
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>Dear rp-ml:
>Just a quick informal survey,
>How many SLA-3500 and SLA-5000 users have had to have their lasers =
>(reorient the laser crystal due to a burnt spot) and if so, how many =
>hours were on the laser when this was done?
>The laser power on our SLA-5000 was around 247 mW in March, 1998
>(first =
>month of operation). In the past 2 weeks it has dropped down to 210
>mW =
>and is slowly dropping. The laser hours are around 1,600.
>I'm curious to see what other users are experiencing.
>Glenn Whiteside
>Cessna Aircraft
> =20
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><DIV><FONT color=3D#000000 size=3D2>Dear rp-ml:</FONT></DIV>
><DIV><FONT color=3D#000000 size=3D2></FONT>&nbsp;</DIV>
><DIV><FONT color=3D#000000 size=3D2>Just a quick informal =
><DIV><FONT color=3D#000000 size=3D2></FONT>&nbsp;</DIV>
><DIV><FONT color=3D#000000 size=3D2>How many SLA-3500 and SLA-5000
>users =
>have had to=20
>have their lasers &quot;retuned&quot;</FONT></DIV>
><DIV><FONT color=3D#000000 size=3D2>(reorient the laser crystal due to
>a =
>burnt spot)=20
>and if so, how many hours were on the laser when this was =
><DIV><FONT color=3D#000000 size=3D2></FONT>&nbsp;</DIV>
><DIV><FONT color=3D#000000 size=3D2>The laser power on our SLA-5000
>was =
>around 247=20
>mW in March, 1998 (first month of operation).&nbsp; In the past 2
>weeks =
>it has=20
>dropped down to 210 mW and is slowly dropping.&nbsp; The laser hours
>are =
><DIV><FONT color=3D#000000 size=3D2>&nbsp;</FONT></DIV>
><DIV><FONT size=3D2>I'm curious to see what other users are=20
><DIV><FONT size=3D2></FONT>&nbsp;</DIV>
><DIV><FONT size=3D2>Thanks,</FONT></DIV>
><DIV><FONT size=3D2></FONT>&nbsp;</DIV>
><DIV><FONT size=3D2>Glenn Whiteside</FONT></DIV>
><DIV><FONT size=3D2>Cessna Aircraft</FONT></DIV>
><DIV><FONT size=3D2>e-mail: <A=20
><DIV><FONT size=3D2></FONT>&nbsp;</DIV>
><DIV><FONT color=3D#000000 =
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