RE: STL's and Open Architecture

From: Bauer Juergen (Juergen.Bauer@SPY.SIEMENS.DE)
Date: Tue Jun 02 1998 - 19:56:57 EEST

>Is there any CAD software that has a direct interface with Solid
Yes, there is.
In fact ist is Pro-E, but it could be any other 3D solid modeler.
The Rp machine is the Layer Manufacturing System of the small German
company Fockele & Schwarze.
They need no Magics, no maestro or whatever Software, they just have
written a numer of macros to "abuse" Pro-E as their build software. The
advantages are obvious.
And they do this since 1993 (or even longer) !

If you like to hear an independent LMS user, ask Mr. Koch from IPA (he
is on the list).

Regards, Juergen

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