New STL Format (Apologies)

Date: Tue Jun 02 1998 - 16:16:27 EEST

     To: Justin, Brett, and all the Service Bureaus out there
     I am not thinking outside my own box and I apologize.
     I was not looking at the problem from the "toss it over the wall"
     point of view. I usually have the luxury of interacting with the
     engineer/designer myself and this gives me tunnel vision.
     I still feel that you should use the actual Modeler data file which
     can contain the exact shape, density, color, texture, and material
     specification. If you output the contour and material definition to
     the machine ( RP Machine specific Print Drivers? ) then the part
     produced is only limited by the capabilities of that machine.
     Myopia affects us all,
     Larry Blasch
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     OPW Fueling Components
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     OPW Fueling Components.
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