Re: STL to Surfaces using Surfacer!!!!

From: Innomation Systems & Technologies Pte. Ltd., (
Date: Wed Jun 03 1998 - 12:02:59 EEST

hi Gerd,

we cannot put in control points or curvatures...because the entity to be
converted is STL....hence all the control points are already defined by the
STL vertices.

and to Bert,

yes, we found the way to do so.....all polygons will be converted into
trimmed surfaces....hence if your STL has 1000 polygons then you will have
1000 trimmed surfaces.

but read the next email i am sending out......there is a latest way to do
surfacing...still STL to Surface but in this case we only have one single
complete surface...and if your STL is closed..then 1 closed/watertight

joseph sim

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