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Ditek Software and GRAI Team Up; Give Users the Power to Turn Photographs
Into 3D Models
Companies to Immediately Launch Complete Solutions For Photogrammetry

RICHMOND HILL, ON-June 2, 1998-Ditek Software Corp. (CDN:DITK) today
announced that it has signed an agreement with GRAI (Gary Robertson &
Assoc., Inc.), a leader in 3D measurement solutions utilizing close range
photogrammetry and digital images.

Under the terms of the OEM agreement, GRAI is marketing bundled solutions
for the conversion of 2D images into 3D models based on software from GRAI,
3D Construction Software, and Ditek Software Corp. The first 100 units have
shipped for inclusion in bundles with 3D Builder, software that GRAI
distributes in Canada for 3D Construction Company.

"3D Construction Company is delighted to be partnering with Ditek Software
and GRAI to provide end-to-end, photogrammetry-to-CAD solutions," said Lyn
Merritt, president of 3D Construction. "3D Builder's easy-to-use, advanced
tools for generating 3D models from photographs are the perfect front-end
to the DynaCADD 98 modeler and rendering package. Gary Robertson and
Associates Inc. is a world-renowned leader in photogrammetry systems and 3D
Construction Company is proud to be a part of this alliance. We believe
that this bundle offers a leading edge solution, at a great price, for the
exploding 3D market."

GRAI specializes in high-resolution digital imagery, close range and
real-scene photogrammetry hardware, software, and procedures. Its Digtab
software and related products are in demand for specialized work in
aeronautics, mining, civil engineering, robotics, and medicine as well as
for accident and crime scene investigations. The Royal Canadian Mounted
Police have already taken advantage of the 3D Builder/DynaCADD 98 bundles.

3D Builder makes it easy to build models from 35mm, digital, and video
camera images. The resulting 3D geometry is easily exported to DynaCADD 98.
A wide variety of companies like Microsoft, Disney Imagineering, Sony,
various U.S. national laboratories, MIT, NTT Software, U.S. Navy and Air
Force, employ 3D Builder. Its uses range from engineering and multimedia to
police work, research and design.
 "Our position of supplying the GIS and 3D industry with superior software
solutions just got stronger," said Dave Mountain, president of Ditek
Software Corp. "The emerging photogrammetry market is just another example
of the robustness and flexible nature of DynaCADD as a developer's tool.
This is a burgeoning market in which we, through this partnership, are
leading the way."

About GRAI

Formed in 1980, Gary Robertson & Assoc. Inc. is solely dedicated to the
provision of high quality engineering and consulting services in the fields
of high resolution photodigitization and close range photogrammetric
applications. Operating from offices in Arizona and Ontario, GRAI provides
full photogrammetric and precision scanning services. In close range
photogrammetry, GRAI's in-house expertise and project experience exceed
that of any other firm in North America. GRAI offers a full range of field,
depot, and consulting services that include systems integration, computer
hardware, cameras, and software sales, training, and applied software
design and support.

More information is available from GRAI's Web site:

About 3D Construction

3D Construction Company is leading the revolution in 3D modeling from 2D
photographs. 3D Builder software makes it easier and faster to build
dimensionally accurate 3D models of real-world data from photos. It also
obtains accurate 3D measurements for "as-builts." As a close-range
photogrammetry package, 3D Builder Pro provides the first constraint-based
CAD modeler with a photogrammetry solver for accuracy. Take total surround,
photo-realistic textures and texture mapping directly from photos with
automatic perspective correction and optional camera calibration for
improved accuracy. Offering a valuable alternative to reconstructing 3D
models from existing objects, 3D Builder works seamlessly with the major
rendering and animation packages, freeing you to concentrate on the
creative possibilities.
More information and demos are available on 3D Construction's Web site:

About Ditek Software

Richmond Hill, Ontario-based Ditek Software Corp. develops, markets and
supports PC-based computer graphics software with a focus on 2D and 3D CAD,
rendering, and 3D modeling products. Its DynaCADD product suite has earned
a reputation for value leadership in the desktop CAD marketplace. Ditek
products appeal to value-driven users requiring premium CAD functionality
at an affordable price as well as third party software developers looking
for a powerful and flexible CAD engine on which to develop and market
industry-specific applications. Ditek shares are quoted on the Canadian
Dealer Network under the symbol DITK.

More information is available on Ditek's Web site at

For more information, please contact:
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Gary Robertson Lyn Merritt
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613.825.0456 423.543.8917
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